This guide will walk you through the steps to setup Gorgias as a new channel with Chatdesk Trends.

  1. To start, please login to your Gorgias account and visit Settings > Rest API . You will reach a page that looks like this:

2. Next, in another tab login to your Chatdesk Trends account. If you don’t have one already, you can visit to create a free Chatdesk account. Open your Chatdesk Trends dashboard. From here, please visit Settings > Channels > Gorgias > Add Gorgias account

3. You will then need to enter the Gorgias credentials from step #1

4. Copy the Webhook URL from Trends

5. In your Gorgias account, visit Settings > Integrations > HTTP > Add HTTP integration

6. Make sure all triggers are selected and paste the webhook URL from Trends into “URL” as highlighted in the picture below:

7. Copy the JSON body template below.

JSON Body Template:


    "id": "{{}}",

    "last_message_datetime": "{{ticket.last_message_datetime}}",

    "spam": "{{ticket.spam}}"


8. Paste the JSON body template from above into the highlighted area in the picture below:

Your Gorgias account is now linked with Chatdesk Trends!

If you have any further questions regarding the setup process, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. You can book a time slot here to meet with our customer success team to get your questions answered.

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