Slack is a messaging tool used by many organizations. By integrating Chatdesk Teams with Slack, your team can receive automatic alerts anytime a Chatdesk Expert escalates a message.

How it works

Chatdesk's Slack integration performs a one-time action to create two channels: #chatdesk-notifications and #chatdesk-support.

After setup, anytime an Expert escalates a message to your organization, the integration will post an alert as Chatdesk to #chatdesk-notifications.

The support channel exists as a backup in case a message fails to post to the notification channel, due to high traffic.

Setup Guide

Note: In order for the integration to function, the "Only allow apps from the Slack App Directory" setting must be toggled OFF in the Slack App Management Settings. You must be a Slack Workspace Owner to change this setting.

  1. Please open your Chatdesk Teams dashboard.

  2. Click on your user icon in the top right corner

  3. From here, please visit Profile > Company Profile

  4. Click "Connect Slack account"

  5. Click "Allow" when prompted by Slack

The token Chatdesk uses will have the same permission as the user that performs the Slack connection, so it's important that they have permission to create channels.

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