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Salesforce Chat Integration V1 Setup Guide for Trends
Salesforce Chat Integration V1 Setup Guide for Trends
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To connect your Salesforce Chat to Chatdesk, first you need to login to Chatdesk with a sandbox account. After this, you will be able to connect your main Salesforce account. After the login process is complete, Salesforce will provide authentication tokens to Chatdesk. Chatdesk will use these tokens to upload an Apex bundle to your Salesforce. The Apex bundle contains Apex triggers, classes, and tests. In order to go live, the bundle must be promoted from the sandbox to the production environment. Once the bundle is live, it will function like a webhook. Whenever a new email message comes into your Salesforce from a customer, it will be sent over to the Chatdesk platform.

Connecting Salesforce to Chatdesk

  1. From Salesforce admin, go to Setup page and use Quick Find to search for Sandboxes

  2. If using an existing sandbox, skip to step 4. Otherwise, click "New Sandbox"

  3. Enter the Name and Description

  4. Login to the sandbox (note that your sandbox username will be different from your regular Salesforce username)

  5. In a new tab, login to Chatdesk Trends.

  6. Click your username in the top right corner, and click on Channels

  7. Click on Live Agent

  8. Click "Add Live Agent Account"

  9. Sign in with the Sandbox account that was created.

  10. Then you can sign in with your production account.

Deploying the Apex bundle in Salesforce

  1. Go back to your Salesforce sandbox account

  2. Go to Setup

  3. Use Quick Find to search for Outbound Change Sets

  4. Create a new Change Set

    Name - Deploy Chatdesk Apex Code to Prod

  5. Add the Change Set Components:

    Component Type > Apex Trigger


    Add them to the change set.

    Component Type > Apex Class (2 classes - tests and the method)

    Chatdesk Live Callout<Date>


    Add them to the change set.

  6. Click View / Add dependencies

  7. Click “Upload”

Pushing the Apex bundle to production

  1. Login to your Salesforce production account

  2. Go to Setup

  3. Use Quick Find to search for Inbound Change Sets

  4. Click “Validate”. This checks whether the code has over 75%+ test coverage.

  5. Choose the test names that you want to validate e.g. ChatdeskLiveChatTests

  6. Click “Deploy”

Your Salesforce Chat is now linked with Chatdesk Trends!

All emails will be tagged automatically as they are received. Click “Explore” at the top of the screen to return to the main dashboard. You can use the “Channels” drop down to filter feedback by channel.

If you have any further questions regarding the setup process, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. You can book a time slot here to meet with our customer success team to get your questions answered.

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