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Creating Schedules in Chatdesk Teams
Creating Schedules in Chatdesk Teams
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Schedules in Chatdesk are the say you set working hours for your team of Experts. These can be set per channel, so it's no problem if you only want support with emails on the weekends, but you want Experts to handle social media 24/7!

Follow the steps below to create and modify schedules. Once created, Experts will be able to see and respond to messages from the selected channels only during the scheduled times.

  1. Login to your Teams dashboard

  2. Click user icon in top right corner

  3. Click "Profile"

  4. Click "Team schedule"

  5. Click "Add schedule" or expand an existing schedule to view/delete it

Note: Schedules which span midnight must be set piece-wise.

E.g. a schedule which is active from 5pm to 5am must be set as one schedule from 18:00-23:59, and a second schedule from 00:00-05:00

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