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Roles and permissions for Facebook and Instagram Ad comments
Roles and permissions for Facebook and Instagram Ad comments

Connect Facebook account with necessary permissions for Ad comments

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The Chatdesk system pulls in Ad comments using a single Facebook user profile's permissions. The user profile must have sufficient permissions and also must grant Chatdesk all permissions when requested per ad account.

This article explains what permissions are required when you connect your Facebook account in Chatdesk and how to modify them.

Required Business Manager connections

  • The ad account needs to be connected to the Business Manager

  • The Instagram account has to be associated to the ad account

  • Pages need to be added to the ad account to create ads

  • The user profile needs to have Admin access to Business Manager, Pages, and Ad Accounts

Modify Facebook permissions

Permissions for Business Manager users, Pages, ad accounts, and catalogs can be modified in Business Manager settings.

Business Manager


Ad account

Connected Facebook users in Chatdesk

Modify or reconnect the ad account authorizer under Channels. See the setup guide for Facebook and Instagram for detailed instructions.

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